Anti bullying features in Instagram

Bullying is a worldwide social concern. It is a phenomenon that is commonly associated with school settings and other interpersonal interactions. There are many negative connotations and consequences associated with bullying. It affects the psychological wellbeing of the person being bullied and may lead to anxiety, depression, breakdowns or, in extreme cases, self-harm and suicide.

With the emergence and popularity of the internet, it didn’t take long for the virtual space to become unsafe and malicious as well. Due to increasing cyberbullying incidents, many social sites and applications consider it appropriate to make it known to their users that they have implemented anti-bullying policies. These policies are made public to discourage users to engage in anything that would fall under the category of bullying. Furthermore, it provides instructions on how to report people who are purposely bullying or harassing other users on the platform. Click Here to know about Instagram PVA Account.

Instagram is a popular social media website among millennials and teenagers. According to the statistics for 2019, there are currently one billion monthly active users on Instagram. These numbers only fall short to Facebook and make Instagram the second most used social platform on the internet. With such a huge user base, there’s bound to be an increased risk of potential hateful comments, bullying and targeted harassment by the few bad apples. Instagram has been criticized for not addressing the options and tools that enable bullying.

The scale of the platform allows hurtful comments or harassing posts to go viral. Earlier this year, Instagram head Adam Mosseri declared that the social network wants to "lead the fight against online bullying." Earlier in October, they added many new features in their update and released a blog post to declare their commitment to making Instagram a safe haven where the users can express themselves freely without fear of being a target of bullying and malicious intent.

The first of its new features is the Restrict option. Previously, it has been observed that blocking a bully on social media doesn't always bring an end to online abuse. Blocking a bully can sometimes escalate the situation and result in more abuse on the platform or elsewhere. Moreover, when you block someone you render yourself invisible but, at the same time, you give up your ability to see what the bully is doing.

The Restrict feature addresses these concerns by taking a more nuanced approach. If someone is bullying you on the platform — posting mean comments on your photos or sending you offensive messages — the new feature allows you to restrict the person's actions.

Messages from the restricted user will be sent to a separate inbox, and you can choose whether or not you want to read them.
To restrict someone, you can swipe left on the person's comment, use the privacy tab in settings or go directly to the profile of the account you want to restrict. This feature gives the control back the person being bullied and allows them to reduce and avoid unwanted interactions. In addition, to Restrict, Instagram has taken other steps to prevent bullying and make the platform a safer and more welcoming place. It has banned content that shows self-harm and has made an effort to provide resources and helplines for people actively searching for that content.

There are also new restrictions on posts related to diet products and cosmetic surgery as they may trigger body dysmorphic disorder. For the past few years, Instagram has been integrating artificial intelligence to detect bullying and other types of harmful content in comments, photos, and videos.

Over the summer, it started rolling out a new feature that notifies people if the comment they are about to post may be considered mean-spirited. Instagram says that this gives users a chance to "reflect and undo their comment," and it found in early tests that some people were encouraged to edit their comments to make them less hurtful. While the evaluation of these new features is still in its early stages, the efforts in tackling the bullying on the platform are still worth noting and acknowledging. Instagram has also been encouraging its users, particularly younger ones, to take a stand against bullying and spread positivity with the introduction of a series of anti-bullying stickers.


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