5G in 2020, the start of a closely connected modern era

The technology advancement seems to have no boundaries. Every year we welcome a new trend and technology, which is aimed to make our lives more advanced. The telecommunication sector is one of the prime sectors is known to be one of the modern players in the race of development. The sector has come up with great innovations and is investing more than $1 billion every year on research and development. With added infrastructure and funding, the telecommunication carriers are all set to welcome the latest wireless technology: 5G.

Yes, the fifth generation of wireless technology is all set for its release in 2020. The technology was in testing mode since 2018 and finally, the researchers are ready to announce it on the big platform. While the developments team are still working on unleashing the full potential of the technology in terms of power and speed, it is highly believed that the technology will offer the right assistance to the world to connect in a more intricate manner.

Companies like Huawei claim that the technology will be able to support 1,000-fold gains in capacity and will have the capability to connect over 100 billion devices. 5G technology is also believed to reduce latency and response time while offer 10gb/s user experience to the individual users.
This post is dedicated to make you aware of the unbound capabilities of 5G and how it would change the face of communication and connectivity in 2020. Let us have a deeper look:

What is 5G technology?

The fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity, 5G 2020 is a technology that offers faster and reliable internet connections to the users of smartphones and devices that support the technology.
The technology is an amalgam of technology and dedicated research, dedicated to bring a revolution in data connection networks. 5G is quoted to be able to carry huge amounts of data with a great speed which is one of the prerequisites of advanced use of Internet of Things technology.

What are the speed specifications of 5G?

5G technology is revolutionary as it leaves behind all the existing telecommunication technology behind when it comes to speed. The speed of a 5G connection will depend upon a number of factors including the locations, countries, carriers and devices. The speed is said to be the fastest and some result for the speed test in different countries for 5G reports 1.4 Gbps in Chicago.

Uses of 5G:

While 5G will definitely change the telecommunication sector for good, it is also believed to bring phenomenal changes in sectors that utilize IoT, enterprise networking, and critical communications. The telecommunication carriers have already started investing in the new spectrums that are required to carry the 5G technology. As reported, over 88 countries are actively investing in technology and preparing bases for the big launch.

Mobile Phones that support 5G:

If you are eager to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology, you first need to own a mobile phone that supports 5G. This is the best time for this investment as major companies are launching the latest models of mobile phone that support 5G.

Some companies have already launched 5G phone while others have made promising announcements. Currently, a handful of Moto Z handsets, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Oppo Reno 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, and the LG V50 ThinQ 5G are the key handsets available in the market to support this technology. 

Some concerns related to 5G:

While the technology is in a full-fledged developmental stage, there are a few concerns related to it. This include:

Interference issues:

The technology is believed to bring interference to a range of tasks including weather prediction, water vapour monitoring, as well as to certain Earth observation satellites.


There are also reports that suggest that the 5G radiation might cause some health concerns. It is supposed to inflate the risk of developing cancer, infertility, autism, Alzheimer’s, and mysterious bird deaths. Already, there are reports that 4G & Wi-Fi system radiations can cause headaches and neurasthenia and because 5G 2020 has higher radiation, the effects can be more adverse.

5G technology is believed to shorten the distance between two entities and connect person to person or machine in a more efficient way, irrespective of the physical location. The aim of technology is to empower a more intricate connection between networks and enhance the way connections work in modern society.


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