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Android Multi Tools

Android Multi tools is an Android utility to perform different tasks for any devices. With the help of this tool, you can simply unlock, FRP Bypass, get device info, reset, Hard reset and so many other features. Here in this post, we are going to discuss them on by one. Also, we are going to share a free download link for Android Multi Tools.

Features of Android Multi Tools:

There are so many features that are considered for this tool. As the developers doing empowerments are further actions that take place in future updates. Can wipe data from any devices to Hard reset it. Perform FRP bypass to unlock password and reset the particular device. From getting all kinds of information for any device to the simple checking for current status on the go. These all are including and much more inside. Check out some of the key functionalities in the concern with a summary below.


Actually, this is the most valuable Android phone tool that works from PC. Yes, it is compatible with any of the Windows on your Computer. You can use it on your Windows operating systems.

Portable Application:

The good thing about this application is that it is a portable program. So now check it out what is a portable allocation.

Factory Reset:

If you want to do a reset or a factory reset your devices. You can do it using the powerful features of Android Multi tools.

Unlock Devices:

Unlock the lock protects on the devices. Deals with Fac locks, Pin locks, Password locks and fingerprint locks.

Format / Wipe data:

It can format any phone /smartphone completely and safely. You can say as wiping data is now very easy and quick using Android Multi Tools. This is providing a good healthy helping hand towards these devices, which are locked.

Hardware or Software Information:

Check into any devices and get the complete information about its software and the hardware.

Reset Face lock, Pin Lock, Gmail Lock:

Unlock and reset the security ways that your phone is currently blocked. You can reset the face lock and pin locks on your smartphone. Also, able to do the Gmail unlock.

FRP Bypass:

Factory reset protection is an Android security feature, these days every Android has considered this. With the improvement in technology. Android phone developers are trying to improve their services according to security. If in case you forget or lost your current Gmail credentials. Then Android Multi Tools will be helpful for you. In other hands to remove or to replace the current Gmail account to a new one is known as FRP bypass.

Download Links:

Here are the download links from which you can get the tool on your PC. Just a click ahead and wait for a while to start the installation process.

What's in This New Version?

In this version some of the things were comes up with extra boost up. New features like Turn of the ADB servers and similarly can start or restart it. Previously you can check the devices in the normal mode. Now you are able to do that within the ADB and fastboot mode.

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